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Sri Srinivasa Hospital

Anesthesia Care

Srisrinivasa hospital offers outstanding Anesthesia services in Hyderabad for the full spectrum of medical & surgical indications. Our comprehensive services include anesthetic care in preoperative evaluation, intensive care units, operating rooms, recovery rooms, catheterization laboratories. Our team comprises of Best anesthesiologists in Hyderabad, who strive hard and ensure to provide pleasant hospital experience by offering sedation services during surgeries or procedures & while managing acute or severe pain. Our team of anesthesiologists in Hyderabad, are uniquely skilled to prescribe & administer drug therapies or carry out special methods for chronic and acute pain. Being the Anesthesia care in Hyderabad, our team is specially trained and have a vast experience in managing and controlling pain at the time of surgery.

At srisrinivasa hospital, our doctors not only manage patient’s concern prior to surgery, but also his or her pain after surgery. Also, our Best anesthesiologists in Hyderabad show special emphasis on supporting patient’s bodily functions & reducing the complications associated with surgery. The following are the types of Anesthesia services offered at our best anesthesiologists in Hyderabad.

Sedation Services: Offered for the patients undergoing painful procedures

Anesthesia Services: Given for the patients to manage pain caused by the thoracic (lungs), cardiac (heart) or vascular (blood vessels) surgeries.

Medical Acupuncture Service: Offered for the patients who are experiencing acute & chronic pain through acupuncture

Pain Treatment Services: Offered to manage and assist patients who have undergone acute and chronic pain, generally post-operative.