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Sri Srinivasa Hospital

General Surgery

Srisrinivasa hospital stands out among all other General surgery hospital in Hyderabad. Our General surgery department provides high level health care and accessible care at affordable prices. We have the best General surgery specialist in Hyderabad, who perform various surgeries, ranging from minor surgeries (needy day care) to major & complex laparoscopic surgeries. Our experts offer a number of services for patients both planned and emergency surgeries. At our General surgery clinic in Hyderabad, doctors perform various surgeries for Gallstones, hernia, appendix, lipomas, breast lumps, piles, and anal problems. Also, they are highly skilled to perform simplest procedures to the most complex advanced surgeries. At our hospital, even lady General surgery specialist in Hyderabad is available for female patients, so that they consult comfortably about their surgical problems, particularly involving piles, fissure etc.

With the enhancements in our services, we are emerging as the most preferred destination for General surgery hospital in Hyderabad. Our team of General surgery specialist in Hyderabad, includes, general surgeons who can perform activities such as diagnosing, treating & preventing both complex and routine surgical problems. The complete range of treatment modalities are offered by our expert general surgeons who have hands on experience. Further, our General surgery specialist work in close with doctors of other departments to cater excellent patient care by diagnosing as well as providing on-time surgical intervention for difficult conditions. We assist individuals with varied range of conditions, which may be caused by ailment, genetic disorders or trauma. Moreover, they communicates patient education which empowers them in preventing untoward conditions.