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Sri Srinivasa Hospital

ENT Care

Srisrinivasa hospital’s ENT care Centre is one of the best ENT care hospital in Hyderabad. It is fully fledged and geared with latest equipment that meets all the required health care needs related to ear, nose & throat. We ensure to provide the available best care by our ENT care Specialist in Hyderabad. Till date, we have performed a large number of ENT surgeries successfully, including other aspects of specialty, such as head & neck surgeries. Our ENT care services in Hyderabad ranges from very basic to the most advanced. At Srisrnivasa hospital, we provides advanced facilities for treating ENT related diseases with renowned ENT care Specialist in Hyderabad who are well-trained and highly experienced. ENT department at Srisrinivasa hospital, provides routine outpatient services; many types of surgeries as day care surgeries or, in few cases, with hospitalization.

Our ENT care services in Hyderabad is dedicated to offer specialized treatments & excellent comprehensive care to the patients with well equipped lab facilities & knowledgeable Clinical Team. The team of ENT Doctors are skilled in both surgical and medical treatment of ear infections, hearing, discharging ear, hole of ear drum, nerve pain, balance disorders, facial & cranial nerve disorders, Nasal Cavity, sinuses, nasal blockage, nasal septum, larynx diseases, esophagus disease, swallowing disorders and other allergic reactions. We do manage congenital (birth) disorders of the patient. Further, our ENT care Specialist in Hyderabad, diagnose, treat, as well as manage specialty-specific disorders & many primary problems in both adults and children.