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Menopausal Care

One of the major problem affecting women over 35 years of age is Menopause. Every women, experience this problem when they turn 35 years with various symptoms. Thus, it is necessary for them, to consult gynecologists of Menopausal care hospital in Hyderabad to understand the changes occurring in their body. Usually, menopause is defined as the nonappearance of menstrual periods for one year or 12 months. It’s the time in woman's life when the ovaries functioning ceases .This process does not occur immediately, but rather is a steady process and known as peri-menopausal transition period.

At srisrinivasa hospital, our gynecologist provide complete care for women in menopausal age group. Also, our multidisciplinary team of Menopausal care hospital in Hyderabad addresses the women’s health care which includes menopause transition (perimenopause) to the postmenopausal years. Further, we provide Post-Menopausal care in Hyderabad, for women afflicted by post menopause complications, such as osteoporosis, psychological break down, breast cancer & and uterus cancer. During Menopausal care, our doctors offer top quality service for the women. They explain the symptoms and their impact on them. Our expert team of Menopausal care hospital in Hyderabad also includes experienced lady doctor with whom you can discuss and explain your queries and concerns comfortably.