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Sri Srinivasa Hospital

General Medicine

Srisrinivasa hospital is a one stop destination for all sorts of medical problems. Ours is the preeminent General medicine hospital in Hyderabad. We have a general medicines department which handles a number of patient’s issues on the daily basis. In the current health care system, it is required to listen to patient’s problems, extract good clinical history & do a detailed clinical examination of the patients. Our General Medicine or Internal medicine, department includes Best general medicine doctor in Hyderabad who deals with all the medical issues of the patient in a systematic manner. At Srisrinivasa hospital, we have a team of physicians who are experienced in managing all the medical problems both emergency & non-emergencies. If you are searching for General medicine doctors near me, then srisrinivasa hospital is the ideal destination for you. Our Best general medicine doctors in Hyderabad, enjoy their work & treat every patient concern such as common cold or any serious chronic disease with the same dedication and passion.

Our team handle any medical problem with much precision and when needed they discuss the case with the pertinent specialist so that they offer best General medicine treatment in Hyderabad. Our aim is prevention, diagnosis & treatment of diseases such as Diabetes, Malaria, High BP, Typhoid, Dengue, Pneumonia etc. At Sri Srinivasa hospital, our Best general medicine doctor in Hyderabad provide comprehensive care and offer detailed patient counselling about ailments and treatment plan. Also, they pay attention to medical patients with severe illnesses in high dependency unit & offer our General medicine services in intensive care unit. Further, we provide backing services to oncology patients. We do carry out procedures such as intercostal drainage tube insertion, pleural aspirations, lumbar puncture and ascetic fluid aspiration.