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The Physiotherapy department at Srisrinivasa hospital caters professionally supervised programs. We have a young dynamic Physiotherapists in Hyderabad, who have enough knowledge of evaluation techniques & appropriate treatment process. Our aim is to give the most up to date or latest physiotherapy modalities, progressive customized exercise programs for every individual, so that they can enjoy a pain free & healthy life. Being a Best physiotherapy hospital in Hyderabad, we educate & give counseling to aid patients in recovering soon from serious injury, illness or surgery. We believe that promoting health and fitness is our main aim. Our Physiotherapy services in Hyderabad, are dealt by the team of skilled, experienced and qualified best physiotherapists specialized in mobilization, manual therapy, endurance training, strength training, fitness training, ergonomic advice, balance training and other specialized techniques.

For providing the best Physiotherapy treatment, our hospital boasts modern equipment, which aids in reducing pain, rectifying postures, restoring the strength and functioning of the muscles, and addressing the activity & functional limitations. Also, our leading physiotherapy hospital in Hyderabad treats traumatic conditions, degenerative conditions, pediatric and adult neurological conditions and cardiac conditions. At srisrinivasa hospital, our skilled Physiotherapists in Hyderabad believe in offering holistic treatment to regain the patient's normal activities. They do aid you to get back to active, pain free lifestyle. Our best physiotherapist’s team has attained success in the restoration of thousands of patients by motivating, promoting & encouraging towards healthy living.