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New Born Intensive Care

Giving birth to a perfect baby is a most exciting and joyful moment for the mother. However, every woman may not deliver a complete perfect and healthy baby always. Thus, it is significant to ensure Intensive care of new born after delivery. Usually, newborns babies look healthy but they are vulnerable to various health issues that may or may not be identified at the time of birth. At Srisrinivasa Hospital- prominent New Born Intensive Care Hospitals in Hyderabad, baby medical conditions are studied thoroughly to check if the baby is prone to any chronic or genetic illnesses. Our New Born Intensive Care Specialists believe that by detecting the disease beforehand, required treatment can be given, that aids in preventing the further occurrence of severe problems to a large extent.

Whether a new born is a premature baby or suffering from any medical condition, or birth defect, the experts at Sri Srinivasa Hospital New born baby Intensive care, are ready to cater the best possible care 24/7. After the baby delivery, our New Born Intensive Care Specialists carry out a series of assessments to determine baby’s mental and physical condition. Our team in a blend of specially trained physicians and qualified nurse, who look after the baby with utmost care and treat any problem that arises in baby. Being a certified and top Intensive care of new born in Hyderabad, Srisrinivasa has the best equipment with advanced technology. At our New born baby Intensive care, we offer quality service and excellent, equitable care to mother and baby and always strive to give best treatment with cost-lowering methods.